Gabe began singing on the streets of NYC as a teenager. Doo Wop has been in his blood from the very beginning. Getting The Bel Airs off the ground has been a labor of love for him. His New York roots give authenticity to our sound, and his voice gives us the bass sound that's so important to the Doo Wop style. Gabe handles the business end of the band.
Denice began singing on the stage at the age of two! Her roots lie in Country and Bluegrass, and performed in those genres until meeting her husband, Randy. Together they have explored many styles of music. Initially unfamiliar with Doo Wop, her singing talent has allowed her to step right into the Doo Wop fold and share the stage with her band mates. Denice handles our on-stage music presentation.
Denise came to us when we were seeking a vocalist to replace our retiring member, Trisha. Her singing style immediately meshed with the group, and there was no hesitation in asking her to join us. Her extensive experience in appearing as a solo artist, or as part of a duo, trio, jazz group, or Big Band has made her an integral part of our group's sound in a very short time. Her stage presence is an important part of our show.
Randy began performing on stage at 17. Over the years he has played many different styles, but Doo Wop has always been his true love. After meeting Gabe on Craigslist, they teamed up to form The Bel Airs and never looked back. Randy brings the sound of the Jersey Shore to the group, and also handles the music and harmony arrangements.
Together, we're The Bel Airs. We've played all over New England, won several awards, and shared the stage with such musical luminaries as The Tune Weavers, Freddy Cannon, Julie Grant and Kenny Vance. We've also been featured on New Hampshire Chronicle, and we've just finished our 3rd CD. Entitled "Street Corner Style", it features all acapella songs - in response to the many requests we've received. Keep an eye on our "Shows" page, and like us on Facebook. Come join the fun - we'd love to sing for you !!
Robert was born and raised in NYC - sharing some of the same streets as Gabe in Brooklyn and Queens, one of the centers of the Doo Wop style. He learned to sing harmony listening to doo wop songs on the radio and the street corners. Over the past 20 years he played and sang in a number of different bands and genres. Now Robert has returned to the sounds of his youth, and joined The Bel Airs, bringing along the sound of New York City Doo Wop.