Trickle Trickle
Randy's Bit O' History
The Five Sharps' "Stormy Weather," a 78 rpm record from 1953, is currently valued at $25,000. What does that have to do with The Videos, who wrote and recorded Trickle Trickle? Two of their members - Ronald Cuffey (lead, second tenor), and Clarence Bassett (first tenor) were part of The Five Sharps when they recorded "Stormy Weather". (That record is considered to be the Holy Grail of record collecting).
The Videos came into being in 1957. They appeared at the Apollo Theater during an amateur night program and took second place during the contest. A member of the audience,Sid Wick,liked the group so much that he offered to manage them on the spot, eventually leading to a recording contract.The recording session went on throughout the day until a suitable take was laid down. The group feasted on hot dogs and soda pop as payment for the session. 
Shortly after recording "Trickle Trickle",Cuffey was diagnosed with luekemia. This, coupled with the death of one of their other members, forced the group to disband. Cuffey succumbed to his disease at the age of 24. Bassett and Baskerville joined Shep and the Limelites.
As for "Trickle Trickle," despite its limited promotion at the time of its release and its failure to reach the Top 100 Billboard chart, it has survived as one of the best examples of the Philly Doo-Wop sound ever recorded.
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