The Shrine Of Saint Cecillia


Randy's Bit O' History
This song was composed as "Min Soldat" ("My Soldier") a Swedish song written by Nils Perne. It was recorded by Ulla Billquist in 1940 and became one of the most popular Swedish songs during World War II. Carroll Loveday wrote new English lyrics for the song, which became "The Shrine of St. Cecilia" in the United States. It was recorded by The Andrews Sisters with Vic Schoen & His Orchestra on November 15, 1941 and reached #3 in January 1942. Its lyrics describe a hillside shrine which is miraculously spared the ravages of a storm that destroys a nearby town. This "storm" is thought to represent the bombing of London during WWII, although this was never confirmed by the author.
This was later recorded by a number of American close harmony and doo-wop groups such as Willie Winfield and the Harptones, The Royals and The Bon Aires. It was also covered by Vaughn Monroe, and Faron Young  - to name just a few.
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