Randy's Bit O' History
The story of "Sometimes" starts with a song called "Do The Bop" by a group called The Juvenaires, individually Frank Maffei, Danny Rapp, Joe Terranova and Dave White, who began singing together in the early 1950's at ages 13 and 14 in Philadelphia. It was there they heard the first stirrings of a new music soon to become known as Rock 'n Roll. They began to perform the new songs as well as their own original material at school dances, local clubs and restaurants.
One night they decided to go to a street corner where a local record producer named John Madara lived.  After telling the boys to "get lost" a few times, Madara finally went downstairs for a listen.  The boys weren't bad, he thought to himself.  In fact, they were good enough for an introduction to local disc jockey, Larry Brown, and his partner, Artie Singer, who had a record label, Singular Records.  It was 1957.
At the time, the boys had come up with a couple of songs.  One was a ballad titled "Sometimes." 
Another was a dance tune titled "Do The Bop," written by group member Dave White.  Artie Singer liked "Do the Bop," and had the group cut a demo for him to test with local DJs.  Singer took the record to a friend for an opinion - a friend who happened to be Dick Clark of the new Philadelphia TV dance show, American Bandstand. Clark suggested the name change to Danny and The Juniors. Clark's wife, after hearing the song, suggested they change the song from "Do The Bop" to "At The Hop".  That song, backed with the beautiful ballad "Sometimes", went on to make Rock and Roll history.
Here is where the Bel Airs come in. In 1958, one of our members, Dick Kruppa, sang in a group called The Chrystelles. After some time together, they found themselves with a record contract from Tabby Records. During one of their sessions, the recorded "Sometimes", with Dick singing lead. Fast forward to 2010, 52 years later, when Dick helped to found the Bel Airs, he found himself singing lead again on that song from long ago. We all enjoy this piece of Doo Wop history - the beautiful ballad "Sometimes".
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