Randy's Bit O' History
The Skyliners were an amalgam of 2 groups - one containing Jimmy Beaumont singing bass, and the other containing Janet Vogel. Members from these two groups eventually evolved into The Skyliners we know. Early in their career they met up with a young man named Joe Rock, who became their manager. He took Jimmy off of bass after hearing him sing in his normal range, and he became the lead singer. One night, while Joe and Jimmy were driving around, Joe began to lament about a girlfriend he had lost, and how he felt without her. Jimmy came up with some music, and "Since I Don't Have You" was born.
After working out all the harmony parts, they made the rounds of the record companies in the Pittsburg area, who all rejected the song and the group. Then, they heard about an open audition at Calico Records, and decided to give it a try. On the way to the audition, their car broke down, and by the time they got back on the road, it was getting late. They arrived at the studio just as it was closing. When the owners told them that they had missed the audition, Janet began to cry. At this, Calico's owners turned the lights and the machines back on and gave them a try. They were impressed by the groups sound and material, which led to a recording contract.
As they were recording their first single, "Since I Don't Have You", the plan was to fade the song out at the end. (Normally the band and singers keep going until an actual end, and the engineer fades the song out as they master the recording before it's released). As they listened to the unfaded version, Janet began to sing some vocal riffs to the music and voices, and - as the end came - she sang and held a high C - an incredible feat for a sixteen year old untrained singer. Everyone thought it sounded so good that they kept it in, and it has become one of the most recognized endings in Doo Wop history.
The Skyliners had many other great songs that sometimes get overshadowed by "Since I Don't Have You' and it's follow up "This I Swear", (also written by Jimmy and Joe). Released in 1959 (one year after "Since I Don't Have You" was recorded) "It Happened Today" is one of those songs that feature The Skyliners signature sound. Although originally done with music, we decided to do it accapella.
It Happened Today
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