Randy's Bit O' History

The recording of this song by the Sammy Kaye orchestra reached the Billboard Best Seller chart on June 13, 1947 and lasted 17 weeks, peaking at #2.

The version by Frankie Laine, recorded on August 27, 1946, was his first hit, and lasted four weeks on the chart, peaking at #4. Despite the higher chart position of the Kaye version, Laine's version is widely reported as a million-seller.

Many artists continued to have hits with this song over the years, from Louis Armstrong, to Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly,The Hollies (who took their name from Buddy), The Lettermen, Jerry Lee Lewis - the list goes on. Our version of this song is based on one by The Channels - although we added a twist or two of our own.
That's My Desire
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